Year-round handling all

kinds of goods ( cereals,

liquid cargo - vegetable oil , timber )



Was a member of the Association of

International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine

Stuffing of containers ( cereals, liquid cargo - vegetable

oil , timber, metallomaterialy , pipes, packaged goods )



The longest (470 m) and

deep (15 m)

berth in Ukraine

Cooperation with

the largest line



Availability certified

State Standard of Ukraine




MigTrans company - a modern enterprise , which is part of a single transport complex of Ukraine. An intensive year-round handling and forwarding of bulk and grain cargo in the Small Adzhalyk estuary , in the port of Yuzhny. Geographical location provides entering the river, sea , road and railways of Ukraine and all Eastern European region .


Handling is carried out on the most modern terminal of the Black Sea ( 470 m length of the pier and the depth of 15 m ), as well as large liquid terminal port waters south .



We process all kinds of goods ( crops - wheat,

barley, soybeans, meal ; liquid cargo - vegetable oils; timber ) and

specialize in vessels up to 10,000 dwt.

We provide services for stuffing , forwarding , transportation of grain and liquid cargo

containers. Stuffing of cargo takes place on the territory of TIS - container terminal that

saves on shipping containers with stafirovochnoy site to the port.





Stuffing is made as packaged goods ( bags and big-bag) and loading bulk grain in a container, which is carried out on modern equipment using sliding conveyor belt , you can save the quality of grain in terms of the number of broken grains

and trash . The company provides performance stuffing grain bulk 280-350 tons per day , provides services for packing grain in bags and big-bag with the possibility of Dosage and reweighing .



Stuffing bulk cargoes at the terminal can deliver oil to the port road and rail tankers , which enables the selection of the carrier and save on shipping through Ukraine. Equipment for transportation of oil in the container (flexitank) accredited line and has all the necessary certificates and properties to ensure reliable and secure transport of bulk cargoes which are subject to compulsory insurance.





Cooperation with the largest line Maersk ensures clients the availability of empty equipment and quality service in a variety of ports on all continents. carry a full range of services for port forwarding and certification , quality and professionalism

customs clearance of goods .




Legal and postal address: Odessa, Ukraine, Prospect Marshal Zhukov , 4D

+38 048 772 36 16

Reception from road transport.

Motor vehicles and 35 / 1,400 tons of grain per day

Acceptance of goods from rail .

Rail transport up to 16 cars / 1000

tonnzernovyh per day


Loading on the vessel :

Liquid cargo narm speed up to 6000 tons / day

Grain cargo narm speed up to 3000 tons / day

Accumulation and storage of shipments

Warehousing capacity of 30,000 tons capacity for accumulation

liquid cargo .


Additionally possible to prepare the documents

not included in the rate